Create insight in your data and make information smart and accessible.

Pillr makes it easy to manage your project in all phases of construction.

One platform for all teams

Work efficiently together with your colleagues, suppliers and partners in one central place.



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model checks


model tasks

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Create a confederated model from different aspect models. In this way you and your partners have a complete insight in the project which makes it easy to manage.

Checking models

With the model checker it’s easy to check your models with a pre-defined ruleset or use your own set of rules. Schedule your checks and continuously receive feedback.

Task-oriented assignments

After checking with the model checker you create tasks of the results. Easily assign these to the person who is responsible for the design and can solve the tasks.

Pillr speeds up your work process

Combine different aspect models from your partners into one model and let Pillr check the model for you. Easily create tasks of the results and work efficiently with colleagues and external partners to solve the issues.

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