Pillr speeds up your work process

With one central platform for all teams you work efficiently together with your colleagues, suppliers and partners. By maintaining and checking all the information in one central location you create a single source of up-to-date information.

Easy collaboration

Collaborate easy wit your internal and external partners

Upload several aspect models into one project such as an installation model, constructive model and architectural model. Each team can control its own model with version management. That’s how you keep a clear overview on your projects.

  • Create tasks for your colleagues and partners so they can change their designs.
  • Manage all these tasks in one clear dashboard where you can immediately see the status.
  • Provide the real estate owner with insights of the design.
  • Publish your design directly from Revit to Pillr.

Check faster

Check your models and projects

Check your model on BIM-standards with a pre-defined ruleset such as the BIM basic IDM or create your own set of rules. Create tasks in an easy way and assign them to the person responsible for solving.

  • Create a check definition.
  • Choose between pre-defined rules or create new rules.
  • Decide if the new rules are available to everyone, just your colleagues or even keep them private.
  • Select which models you want to check.
  • Check manually, plan checks for specific moments or check with every new model upload.
  • Use the plug-ins for Revit and Navisworks to directly process tasks.

Re-use data

Re-use data on Pillr for other workflows and applications

Use the Excel export to connect the data to your ERP system or MYMP. Connect the data of your BIM-model with other workflows and applications. Or manually export this in the desired file format, such as DWG, IFC or Excel and import this in your ERP-system.

  • Export the data on Pillr by your preferred way.
  • Use this data for your specification basics.
  • Base your Multi Year Maintenance Plan on this.
  • Export incidents to a BCF-file for exchange with non-Autodesk programs.

What can Pillr do for you?


For designers such as architects and engineers Pillr is the tool for improving the quality of your BIM model. Gain insight in the design quality and adjust when necessary. Use the online model checker to check the produced BIM model on the BIM basic IDM. Use the task board to streamline both internal as external communication.


Pillr is the tool for builders such as contractors and building costs experts to check the information of the BIM model on reliability. Use diagrams to get visual insights in the quantities. Use de online model checker to check the BIM model on specific data. Use the task board to streamline the communication with your suppliers.

property managers

For projectmanagers Pillr is the tool to collect data from BIM models and to support the developmentproces. Use diagrams to get visual insights in the BIM model. Keep track on multiple projects with the general dashboard. Manage the adjustments by using the project dashboard and task board.


For real estate owners, facility agencies, government and municipalities Pillr is the tool to get insight in their real estate. Link sensors to convert your existing real estate to a Digital Twin. The diagrams offer visual insight in the model. Use the connectors for tooling to create Multi Year Maintenance plans. Review and make an inventory of the materials of your building. Get insight in the live cycle and take action when necessary.

How can we support your digital building process?

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