Pillr is the solid foundation for your project. Manage, execute and automate your working processes in an optimized way.
On the website of Pillr, click on the learning tab. Here you will find all the necessary videos to help you straight away. Click here to start directly.
Platform: Go to your profile settings in the top right corner. Under Languages choose English.
For support or questions about the platform, you can contact our partner. You can find the contact details on our contact page.
Are you logged in on Pillr? Go to the tab help on top of the page. Under the header 'Send feedback' you can share your ideas or feedback.


You can select your desired subscription at the subscriptions page. Or contact one of our local partners.
If no membership is purchased after the trial period, the entire company account will be deleted. This means that all projects including all associated parts will be deleted.
If the membership is not renewed, the entire company account will be deleted. This means that all projects including all associated parts will be deleted.
You can find which features all of our subscriptions come with by viewing the subscriptions page. Note: If you are using the trial plan you have access to all of Pillr’s features.
An as-build project is a completed project that remains available for maintenance. This is comparable to archiving a project. The project will continue to exist, but its functions will be limited. For example, in an as-build project it is not possible to upload or check models. Scheduled model checks are turned off automatically. Because the costs are lower in maintenance, we can offer a lower price for these projects. This way, you can always keep track of projects that have been completed at lower costs, and manage your maintenance accordingly.

Register/ login

Request a password reset . Enter the email address that is associated with your account, and a new link will be sent to reset your password.
Check your spam, junk, or unwanted email folder. If the e-mail does not appear here, check with the IT department whether the address noreply@pillr.nl is on the whitelist for the gateway and firewall. If the e-mail still does not get through, check whether the e-mail provider receives the e-mail. In other cases, please contact CAD & Company.
Download the IT manual here to help you solve this problem.
No, you don’t need an additional account. The other party you would like to collaborate with can simply invite your already existing account to their organization. After you have accepted the invitation you can switch organizations in the left sidebar.

Pillr add-ins for Revit and Navisworks

We have rebranded Collaborea. The new name is Pillr and you can download the add-ins for Revit & Navisworks here. Please note, this is only possible when you are logged in.
We always support the most recent version and the three previous versions of the Autodesk programs.
Depending on your membership, features are available in the add-ins. The publish function already works with the Collaboration membership. You need at least the Business membership to communicate tasks.
Provide feedback via the form on the platform. If possible, include a screenshot of the error message. Try to describe the steps you took as best you can so we can reproduce the issue.

Pillr users

As an account owner you manage the entire account of your organization on Pillr. Account administrators are allowed to set up projects and invite users. Account administrators have the same rights as account owners, except they cannot access the company page. As an account member you participate in projects. Only the projects you participate in are visible. An account member's rights are regulated on a project. Depending on these set rights, you may or may not have access to certain parts.
Permissions can be set per user for all projects that this user is part of. This can be set at once for all projects or for each project seperatly. When creating the project the rights can be set directly.
Users can be granted additional rights on a project. Set this directly when creating a project or change this in the user administration settings.

My Profile

Select 'My profile' at the top right of your profile settings. Here you can change your e-mail address by clicking on the pencil at Account details. Note: an email will be sent to you which you must confirm.
Are you an account owner or account manager with rights to modify the company page? Then you can do this on the company page under management settings. Click on the pencils to change the data.

My projects

This depends on how the project is set up. Have you indicated that it is public? Then everyone can view the project via the website. If your project is on “everyone with a link”, anyone with the link can view the project. If you want the project to be protected and only accessible to team members by invitation, choose team members.
The following parts are shared by default:
Model; project name; location data; number of views; additional information (these are entered in the project).
Check whether the model meets the condition. Eg. size of the file or file format. If this is correct, check the internet connection and try the upload again. Wait until the upload is processed and it says 'Model ready'. Do not proceed until the model is actually in the model group.
Click here to download the manual explaining how to integrate BIM360 and Pillr.
If your project is 'Public' you have the option to share your project through the 'Share project' button on the project dashboard. The link you have copied here can be used on MS Teams. You can choose between displaying the whole page or only the viewer.


If you get an error code, always take a screenshot of the message. Try to describe the steps you took before the error message appeared, and submit this information via the form and indicate 'Bug' as the type of feedback so we can look into it for you.
Check if an error code is listed in the viewer. If mentioned, send it to support@pillr.nl. Check the viewer in other webbrowsers. Note: All versions lower than Internet Explorer 11 are no longer supported by Autodesk.